Reusable Respirator Masks

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Accumulators, Inc. has decided to convert a portion of our factory to manufacture reusable half-face elastomeric respirators. After consulting with local officials, healthcare workers, and industry experts, we felt that our engineering, assembly, and sourcing skills were a good match for this urgently needed product. That said, we are not experts in manufacturing respirator equipment, and we are not selling our respirators at a profit, so please use our products at your own risk. We have made robust good faith efforts to ensure our respirators and accessories are safe and effective to use. We are also attempting to achieve FDA and NIOSH approvals, but that may take some time.

Our respirator masks have the following features:

  • Rated to N95/P95 which means they filter at least 95% of airborne particles; suitable for use to combat coronavirus
  • Useable for potentially hundreds or thousands of hours in a medical environment; indefinite lifespan if properly maintained
  • Filters both inhalation and exhalation to mutually protect the wearer and others nearby from contagion
  • Optional face shield
  • Filters have a large surface area for excellent breathability
  • Designed to be compatible with several different common cleaning fluids and can be sterilized in an oven or autoclave
  • Manufactured in Houston, Texas

Please contact us at for additional information or if you are interested in placing an order.