Accumulators, Inc. offers many special products and services including Buoyant Float Accumulators, interior and exterior coatings, alternate design approvals and user-specified custom items.

Buoyant Float Accumulators

Our patented non-separator type Float Accumulators are an effective solution for high and low temperature emergency applications that none of our competitors can accommodate. By eliminating the bladder, units may be operated in frigid or sweltering environments. Float Accumulators are particularly well-suited for subsea and off-shore applications. All Float Accumulators also have extensive corrosion resistance to ensure there are no mechanical failures for years into the future. Available in 10 gallon through 40 gallon sizes, 3000-6000 psi. See more details about Float Accumulators.

High Flow Accumulators

We offer a full line of High Flow Accumulators for applications that require an instantaneous flow rate of over 200 gallons per minute. Our standard High Flow Accumulators can handle up to 600 gpm for oil, water or special fluids.

Special Services

We offer a variety of special services on all of our accumulators. We offer five main service types (below), but can customize to meet your needs. To order, add the 2-letter code in parenthesis to our standard part number.

(WS) Water Service Accumulators
For high water content applications and when internal corrosion protection is necessary, these units have Phenolic coated interiors and two-coat enamel-painted exteriors. Contains a mix of electroless-nickel plated and stainless steel components.

(PS) Water & Chemical Service Accumulators
Our PS units have phenolic-coated interiors for corrosion protection and primed exteriors with stainless steel components. Used primarily for high water content applications when stainless steel parts are necessary.

(SS) Special Service Accumulators
Both the interior and exterior of these units are electroless-nickel plated, perfect for chemical and harsh environment applications. Stainless steel components.

(XS) Extreme Service Accumulators
Extreme Service Accumulators were created specifically for sub-sea drilling. These units have been designed with extensive corrosion protection, high-pressure fittings, low-temperature components and improved external sealing. Each unit incorporates many of the best features of several Special Service units currently being operated at extreme depths, plus additional innovations.

(AS) All Stainless Accumulators
Our All Stainless accumulators are desgined to provide maximum resistance to corrosion and medium migration. These accumulators are perfect for the harshest environments and certification to NSF Std 14159-3 by NSF International is available. They contain all 304/316-series stainless steel components and shell, with optional White Neoprene bladders and seals to allow the end user to visually ensure a complete purge of all substances for health inspections and to avoid cross-contamination.

Alternate Design Approvals

Our accumulators are designed to the strict guidelines of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and are so stamped with the "U" symbol and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. Many domestic and foreign code approvals or authority reviews, such as CE, DNV, ABS, CRN, Lloyds, and others are available by request at additional cost. Acc Inc can also modify existing units under the ASME "R" stamp. Our extensive Quality department can handle even the most stringent requirements.

Custom Engineered Products

Accumulators, Inc. can design products to fit your precise requirements. We can help you select special fluid or gas ports, special elastomers, and special coatings. These products can be assigned proprietary part numbers for your exclusive use. Perfect for OEM applications.

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